Rebuild and Repair Gearbox/Axle/Overdrive Transmission Units.
Supply Overhaul Repair Kits [Bearings, Oil Seals, Gaskets].
Supply Manual Transmission Rebuild Units [New and Used].
Rebuild and Repair Transmission units for Private and Trade Customers Worldwide.
Motor Gear Limited is committed to provide customers with high performance rebuild transmission units, completley guaranteed work ensuring that we always meet customer needs.
Dave Richardson U.S.A
"Purchased Close Ratio Ford Type 9 Rebuild Gearbox for my Caterham Kit Car. Fantastic price, arrived in U.S.A under 1 week."
Motor Gear Limited provides customers with friendly, fast and efficient rebuild and repair service for your transmission unit. Our staff has over 30 years experience in rebuilding and repairing gearboxes, differential units and over drive units. We undertake all manual transmission work ensuring customers are completely satisfied with their transmission unit.
Motor Gear Limited specialises in transmission units for British classic sport cars. Our customers have chosen our transmission units for many kit car projects and racing application, as we guarantee to provide high performance transmission units for very competitive prices.
Is your transmission unit is making noise, not going into gear, leaking oil?
Call us on 0208 520 5181 [UK] [+44 208 520 5181 for outside UK] or email us at Our technical staff are here to help and assist you in identifying problems with your transmission unit and offering the best and cost effective solution.
Are you looking for a Rebuild Gearbox/Differential/Overdrive Unit?
We stock many rebuild transmission units, ready to dispatch. We can also rebuild your existing transmission unit or it is possible in most cases that your unit can be used as an exchange unit which entitles you to a further price deduction for the rebuild transmission unit provided by Motor Gear Limited.
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