Ford Type 9 Gearbox
We supply, rebuild and repair the Ford Type 9 Gearbox. We stock both standard and close ratio versions of this gearbox. We are able to modify the length of the input shaft ensuring the gearbox fits correct engine size.
Rover LT77 SD1 Gearbox
We supply, rebuild and repair the Rover LT77 SD1 Gearbox. We stock suffix A,B,C and D versions of the SD1 Gearbox. We can also provide bell housing [also v8] for this gearbox.
Triumph TR6 Gearbox
We supply, rebuild and repair the Triumph TR6 Gearbox. We stock both overdrive and non overdrive versions of this gearbox.
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Motor Gear Limited employs highly skilled staff which has experience for over 30 years in repairing and rebuilding manual transmission units. We rebuild all our transmission units with branded high quality and performance parts.
Below are examples of our rebuilt transmission units ready to be fitted. Please note the products in the pictures are actual pictures of our transmission units.
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